German Goo Girls Drunk on Cum

Bree Olson was one of my favorite pornstars once upon a time. Then all the Charlie Sheen stuff happened and I stopped seeing as much new content from her. Now she hasn’t film anything in 7 years, but still speaks highly of the porn industry, which is kind of refreshing.

I read an interview on The Daily Beast website this morning. She spoke about her experience in the industry and how it was always really professional and she never saw drugs on set. She said she doesn’t even remember there being drinking on set.

I think that is great for her, but I also don’t think that is the way a lot of porn is done. Take German Goo Girls for example. That shit is hardcore and raunchy as hell. Things get all kinds of gross and nasty. Those girls have to be on something to get through those scenes, don’t they? I mean they are wild!

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