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How do you make women pick your profile at free fuck sites? How do you make women respond favorably to your outreach at adult dating site like ? Well, these questions are actually quite misleading. Instead of trying to “make” people do stuff that you want, maybe you should be asking a different set of questions.

You see, the main reason why most guys fail at any kind of dating sites is that they have it all wrong. They look at the whole process strictly from their perspective. They’re always thinking, how much pussy can I get? Can I hook up with these good-looking women? How much action can I get from this particular website? Do you see the common thread running through all these questions? I hope you do.

The truth is most guys are all about I, me, mine. It’s all about me, me, me. Well, if you want to be successful with anything that involves personal interaction, you have to step out of yourself. You have to step aside from the shadow of your needs and focus on what other people need. If you ask any veteran sales person, who generates millions of sales every single year, they would tell you that secret to selling or being more persuasive is to help people get what they want to you can get what you want.

Now, I want you to pay attention to the answers at the beginning of this blog post. What do they all have in common? That’s right, they’re all about you. The moment you change your questions in such a way that the focus is on the other person, then you will make progress. This is the open secret that many guys who are really good with women possess. It’s not like they are smarter than you. It’s not like they have bigger cocks or they are more sexually gifted than you.

In fact, a lot of them are dead broke. A lot of them are dumb as a box of rocks. But what they have going for them is they are able to be empathetic. They are able to step out of their circle of concerns and look at the world from the set of eyes of the person they’re trying to reach across. Their purpose, primarily, is to be able to successfully reach across. They’re not trying to dominate the other person. They’re not trying to get something out of the other person.

That’s how must guys think. They’re trying to talk to women because they want to get into their panties. Guys who get a lot of women think in a different way. They just want to make a genuine person to person connection. When you create this connection, when you enable yourself to be open to this type of connection, all sorts of magic happen. Why? Women get comfortable around you. They feel that you’re not judging them. They feel that you’re not threatening.

I’m not saying that you have to pretend to be gay so women would trust you. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about emanating a sense of comfort that people can’t help but interact with you. You have to remember that the world is a hostile place. There are so many people out there who are trying to get out of other people what they need. In other words, they’re always asking, what’s in it for me? Now, if you were to flip that and focus on giving people what they are looking for, you become very attractive at least mentally and emotionally.

Let me clue you in on a secret. Most women don’t give a damn how you look like, they care more about how you make them feel. If you are very empathetic person and you are able to connect with them at a heart level and see the space around them from their set of priorities and sensitivities, you establish a tremendous amount of comfort.

This is why guys, who otherwise look like heaping piles of shit, get pussy like it’s going out of style. It’s not because they’re exploitative, it’s not because they come in with an agenda and they just want to fuck any tight hole or wearing a skirt. No, they’re not into that. They just want to share the space. They just want to establish a comfortable rapport with female in that area. This is the secret.

So if you’re able to find that core of empathy that all human beings have, you then projected outwards and magnify it. The key here is comfort. Now, the secret is to be comfortable with yourself first. If you are able to love and be comfortable with yourself, things will be much easier for you because that comfort will be detected by other people. Now, if you’re feeling conflicted or worse, you have a low self-esteem and you feel like a victim, then you make things necessarily harder on yourself.

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